Image of C1521 HAFRAK Plan File w/ Casters

C1521 HAFRAK Plan File w/ Casters


Half-size drawing plan file rack made of high quality stainless steel with rolling casters. For filing, notched 3/32″ x 1″ aluminum Hanger Bars are inserted between the pages of bound sets and hung on the Hafrak side rails. When needed, the Hanger Bars are easily removed (no clamp), making each drawing set easy to reference and use. The one-piece uniweld construction (no assembly) of 3/8″ stainless steel makes the Hafrak both attractive and durable, supporting up to 2,500 prints in bound sets.
Comes with 10 notched aluminum hanging bars to support bound drawing sets (15" x 21"/22" sheets).
Height is approximately 25 inches. Contact for exact dimensions. Some models are + or - 25". All sales are subject to Dallas County, Dallas, Texas sales tax of 8.25%.
Return Policy: All sales are final once FOB.
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